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Every year, more than 3.2 million children in America are reported as abused, abandoned or neglected. One in seven Americans are sexually abused as children. Tragically, 1,500 to 2,000 children die each year at the hands of their caretakers. And the remainder are simply (sadly) neglected or experience a combination of these abuses. Every day, innocent children are forced to accept abuse as a fact of life…they are beaten, locked up, sexually abused, starved and tortured in an obscene variety of methods. There is hope for many of those children through Royal Family KIDS. Since 1985, RFK has been offering week-long summer camps for foster children of abuse who have been placed in foster care. For many of these children, a week at summer camp is a first. It is a life-changing experience for kids (and the volunteers)! In 2008, Royal Family KIDS Mentoring Clubs were started to provide an opportunity for the Church to connect with their Campers during the school year and continue the hope that was experienced at Camp. Camps & Mentoring Clubs are sponsored by individual, well-established Christian churches of various denominations.
For more information on the Tulsa area camps follow on Facebook @RFKTulsa.

Royal Family Kids
We are honored to support Crisis Pregnancy Outreach and it’s mission to provide compassionate, meaningful support to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. As part of this mission, CPO helps mothers parent their newborn babies, or place them with loving adoptive families. More information on Facebook.